Mark Sandman before Morphine: listen to Treat Her Right’s self-titled album from 1986…

Mark Sandman Trat

I’m a huge fan of Morphine (I mean the band, not the drug). Albums like Cure for Pain (1993) and Yes (1995) became some of my most cherished companions since the day I’ve discovered them. And more than a decade listening to them have not diminished the excitement those songs – and that awesome sax sound… – arouse in me. With a sax that sounds so damn cool as Dana Colley’s does, who needs guitars? When I first heard Mark Sandman’s voice, I was sure he was gonna become one of my favorite singers ever, and that he could do stuff I’ve only heard in masters such as Tom Waits, Van Morrison and Graham Parker. Well, for those of you who haven’t yet been acquainted with the life and art of Mr. Mark Sandman (1952-1999), I would strongly recommend checking this out: here’s the full Sandman discography for download (including B-sides and lesser-known projects… this torrent is truly precious!). The intention of this post is only to invite you to dive deep into the music – and also to share a rarity I’ve uploaded to Youtube: Mark Sandman’s band before Morphine, Treat Her Right, whose self-titled album from 1986 is a must-listen for anyone who’s interested in rhythm & blues, rock and roll, and intense musical sensations. So here it goes:

01) I Think She Likes Me (3′ 39)
02) I Got A Gun (3′ 37)
03) Everglades (3′ 35)
04) Square (3′ 41)
05) Trail Of Tears (3′ 41)
06) Jesus Everyday (3′ 56)
07) You Don’t Need Money (3′ 17)
08) Don’t Look Back (3′ 36)
09) An Honest Job (2′ 47)
10) Bringin’ It All Back Home (2′ 48)
11) Where Did All The Girls Come From? (4:11)

Group Members: Billy Beard, Billy Conway, David Champagne, Jim Fitting & Mark Sandman.

Similar artistis: Violent Femmes, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Ry Cooder, Van Morrison, J. J. Cale, Uncle Tupelo, Tragically Hip.

Also check some similar albums.


“Cure For Pain – The Mark Sandman Story” (brilliant documentary!) – DOWNLOAD

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