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For all of you who love and cherish Music, in all its various manifestations, prepare your ears for a never-ending banquet. Voilà: 53 CDs released by Putumayo World Music are available for download (this must be one of the most precious torrents  in the whole World Wide Web!): (3.3 gb). Founded in 1993 by Dan Storper & Michael Kraus, Putumayo aims to introduce audiences all around the world to the musical production of myriads of different cultures. Travel the world on the wings of songs! Distributed in more than 80 countries, these compilations are widely recognised by their high artistic quality and the awesome diversity of musical genres. It’s “guaranteed to make you feel good”!

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One of my favorite Putumayo CDs, “Latin Jazz” (full lenght):

Latin Jazz (Putumayo World Music Compilation)

Latin JazzAfro-Cuban rhythms and jazz stylings come together on this lively collection of songs by many of the masters of Latin jazz. If you enjoy this music, please buy the CD from Putumayo World Music (U$15).

1 – Machito with Cannonball Adderley – “Congo Mulence” (Cuba)
2 – Poncho Sanchez – “El Sabroson” (United States)
3 – Tómas Einarsson – “Rumdrum” (Iceland)
4 – Tito Puente – “Cha Cha Cha” (United States)
5 – Chico Alvarez – “La Clave, Maraca Y Güiro” (Cuba)
6 – Ray Barretto – “Summertime” (United States)
7 – Hilton Ruiz – “Steppin’ With T.P.” (United States)
8 – Manny Oquendo & Libre – “Cuando Se Acabará” (United States)
9 – Chocolate Armenteros – “Trompeta en Montuno” (Cuba)
10 – The Brian Lynch/Eddie Palmieri Project – “Guajira Dubois” (United States)